When you invest in our team's blockchain financial plan, you are deemed to have known and agreed to the following:

1.The team does not guarantee the investment and recovery of blockchain financial management.
2. Blockchain financial managementnot a deposit,risky,and may result in loss of principal.
3. Due to different time entry, there will be different input and recovery,Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.
4. Any scheme is subject toOfficial specifications and announcements of platforms, games, exchanges, etc., which may change future investment and recycling.
5. The price of encrypted tokens used in blockchain financial management is not fixed.The exchange rate fluctuation with fiat currency is beyond the control of our team, the team is not responsible for any exchange rate fluctuations.
6. Conservative futures and cash arbitrage schemeNot a guaranteed plan, is to scan Binance's perpetual contract projects through robots to find contracts with possible spread trading space. Compared with other solutions of our team, the risk is lower, and it is not a capital-guaranteed solution, and our team has not provided other guarantees.
7. This statement and webpage have not been reviewed by any independent and impartial third party. Even so, the team will try its best to ensure the correctness, completeness and accuracy of this statement, but the teamAll information is not guaranteed to be accurate, and due to the rapid changes in blockchain financial management, the team does not undertake the obligation to modify the content immediately.
8. Even though the team has tried not to use predictive words, this statement and web page may still contain forward-looking and forward-looking statements. Any non-historical information or future outlook may beRegulatory changes,Blockchain technology innovation,game or platform competition,general economic situation, etc.Changes may result in different situations from the past, and the team is not responsible for this.
9. Although the team uses robot simulation and screening of possible ways of input and recovery, it only provides limited solutions.No individualized advice is given to any individual,Individuals still assess their risk tolerance level before investing, carefully consider whether to participate, and choose an appropriate plan. The team only provides existing solutions for selection, andwithout any inducementbehavior.

10. Regardless of negligence or other reasons, the team willDo not take any responsibility for the use of this website to engage in blockchain financial management or other losses.

When you invest in the blockchain financial plan of our team, you are deemed to have known and agreed to the above-mentioned matters.